Custom Apparel

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The university allows custom designs on apparel such as T-shirts and sweatshirts. (Please note that official university staff apparel must comply with guidelines found under apparel and name tags.)

Guidelines for University Offices

  • Use fabric colors such as maroon, black, gray, white and khaki; avoid using the colors of competitor schools or colors that are not clearly related to SIU Carbondale, such as blue, yellow, gold, red, green or purple.
  • To clearly identify apparel with the university, include “SIU Carbondale” or “Southern Illinois University Carbondale” as well as the name of the college, department, center or auxiliary within the design. Official university logos and identifiers may also appear on the sleeve or a different location that is not part of the design.
  • Designs should be of professional quality and represent the university in a positive way. 
  • Designs tied to a specific event or date should include a time reference (year, month or dates, as in "Homecoming 2023").
  • Only one logo design per event.
  • Please note that custom designs are allowed only on apparel and not on any other department-funded merchandise. Designs should not be used and repeated in any way that suggests they are official logos or identifiers of campus units.
  • All designs must be submitted to University Communications and Marketing for review and approval prior to production. Funds for unapproved designs may not be released to pay for the items ordered without appropriate approval.

 Guidelines for Registered Student Organizations

  • Official RSOs may produce designs promoting themselves and not departments, colleges, programs or centers.  Exceptions may be made with permission of departments and approval of University Communications and Marketing.
  • Designs should incorporate the official name of the RSO.
  • RSOs that are sports clubs should avoid using phrases like “SIU Carbondale Rugby Team” or “SIU Hockey Team” to avoid confusion with official university NCAA teams.
  • The university’s name may be included but is not required.
  • Designs must be in good taste and represent the RSO in a positive light; no promotion of drugs, alcohol, partying, pornography will be approved.

All designs must be submitted to University Communications and Marketing at for review and approval prior to production.