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The Southern Illinois University Visual Identity Manual ensures the success of our identity through consistency of use. Identifying specific colleges, schools, programs, or academic units by using these guidelines strengthens each component of the university, as well as Southern Illinois University as a whole. The consistent use of this visual identity also serves to connect the SIU community to the larger brand.

Visual Identity Policy

The new visual identity must be used consistently. It is the university’s policy that the signatures, type fonts, and marks described in this manual are the only ones authorized and are required to be used in / on all forms of media and communication materials. Within the framework of the new identity system, there is flexibility to accommodate the needs of units throughout the university.

University Communications and Marketing is responsible for ensuring that the new visual identity is preserved and enhanced through effective, well-designed communications. It monitors the use of the system and makes graphics available to the university community and other authorized parties.

Use of university marks on commercial goods

The Southern Illinois University name and logo are registered marks owned by the university. These marks may not be used in any medium other than approved university programs without the approval of University Communications and Marketing, who must review the use of our marks by outside vendors or firms. Student groups wishing to use the university’s marks on commercial goods (i.e., T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.) also must secure such approval. Submit all requests for use of these marks to University Communications and Marketing. All manufacturers who produce goods bearing any of the university’s trademarks must either be licensed or receive special permission to produce such products without a formal license agreement.

If you have questions regarding the use of the university’s name or logo, contact University Communications and Marketing at 453-3376 or