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Our logo represents our values, aspirations, and unique character. This guide equips you with the knowledge to keep our logo consistent across various uses. Following these guidelines helps us create a strong, memorable brand that connects with our audience.

horizontal logo
logo vertical

Clear Space

A specific amount of clear space around the logomark should be maintained at all times.

The areas marked "X" represent the amount of space that must be maintained between the logomark and any other element, including the edge of a page. The unit of measure (X) is equal to the cap height of the SIU portion of the logomark.

clear space horizontal
clear space vertical

Minimum Size and Clearance

The Southern Illinois University signature should be produced at a reasonable size to maintain legibility and clarity.

The preferred minimum widths for print materials are shown below for each of the SIU signatures.

Horizontal Example: 1.3125 w x .5 h
Vertical Example: Preferred minimum width: .8125 w  x .8125 h
size restriction horizontal size restriction vertical

Photo Backgrounds and Background Colors

The SIU logo should be placed in a way where it is clearly readable and clutter free. The logo should be placed only over maroon, black, white or another neutral color. The logo should not be placed over competitor school colors.

alt text
Do not place logo over secondary colors.
Do not reverse maroon/black logo to white.
Do not use maroon/black logo in low-constrast applications.
alt text alt text alt text

Improper Executions/Usage

It is extremely important to the brand identity that the Southern Illinois University signatures be displayed correctly. Always use the correct typefaces and the correct relative positioning and size of all elements.

The only acceptable color treatments for the logomark are SIU Maroon, black, and white.

The examples below illustrate incorrect displays.

Do not distort any portion of the logo.
Do not make the wordmark maroon in a 2-color application.
Do not tilt the logo.
Do not substitute the typefaces.
Do not rearrange components in the logo.
Do not alter the alignment of any component of the logo.
Do not add a drop shadow or any other embellishment to the logo.
Do not apply a gradient to the logomark.
Do not apply a tint to the logomark.
Do not screen back the logomark.
Do not use logos or identifiers as design elements within additional artwork.
alt text 2-color.png alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text