2- and 4-Color Reproduction

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2- and 4-Color Reproduction

SIU Maroon and Black on White or Light Screens of Cream

SIU maroon black and white or light sceens of cream

SIU Maroon

siu marron on grey background

SIU Maroon and Black on White or Light Screens of Grey

siu maroon and black and white or light sreens of grey with cream background

The Southern Illinois University logomark and signature are available in various color combinations for different printing methods. For the primary color palette, its PMS numbers, 4-color formulas and web colors, see Primary Color Palette page.

When using the shadow SIU logomark, do not place it on colors other than white or very light screens of grey or cream.

Acceptable reproduction colors of SIU logomarks:

  • Maroon and Black
  • Maroon

What you need to know


SHADOW INSET technical note: In the vector files, the shadow insets are set to"overprint" the maroon SIU lettering to provide additional weight in the black areas for enhanced contrast in relation to the maroon.

HIGHLIGHT INSET (maroon version): The highlight insets should appear white in all print and digital applications.