The Southern Illinois University Signatures

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Primary Signature

SIU primary signature

Usage: Stationery, Stand-alone print/digital, Signature, Merchandising

siu primary signature 2

Usage: Stationery, Stand-alone print/digital, Signature, Merchandising

Secondary Signature

siu secondary signature

Usage: Stationery, Stand-alone print/digital, Signage

siu secondary signature 2

Usage: Stand-alone print/digital, Web (highlight version) See Logo Application on Web Pages section, Signage

siu secondary signature 3

Usage: Stand-alone print/digital, Signage, Merchandising

siu secondary signature 4

Usage: Stand-alone print/digital, Signage, Merchandising

The signatures on the left are the preferred primary element of the Southern Illinois University visual identity system and must appear on all official external communications. There are two versions of the SIU logomark (the initials SIU plus the word Carbondale): the shadow inset and the highlight inset. Guidelines for their usage are on the Logomark Page. The logo may not be modified in any way. It is available to all users in multiple formats. Contact University Communications and Marketing at 453-2518.

SIU Carbondale signature should be place on the front of all print materials. If placement on the front is not possible, the logo can be placed on the back cover; however, the front cover must be clearly and prominently marked with text that reads SIU Carbondale or Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The decision about which layout to use should be based on the space available (horizontal or vertical), except in Web applications, where the two-line wordmark is preferred.

Refer to 2 and 4-Color Reproduction and 1-Color Reproduction pages for logomark coloration options.

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Use these versions of the signature for all external applications: official university documents, brochure covers, ads, large campus signage (entrance), Web banners (highlight inset version), universitywide stationery.