Logo Structure With Address Block

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Logo Structure with Address Block

Logo Structure for Standard Print Mail Panels

logo structure for print mail panels

USAGE:Brochures, Direct mail, Flyers, Postcards

logo structure for brochures, mail, flyers, and postcards 1

logo structure for brochures, mail, flyers, and postcards 2

1-Color Maroon (Envelopes) 1-Color Black(Direct Mail)

envelopes color maroon and color black options

The examples of address block treatments shown here should be used in print only. Typically, these logomark/ address block configurations appear on the back of brochures, flyers and postcards.

The 2-color version shown on the left is preferred, but if cost is a factor, a 1-color version may be used. See Standard Envelopes pagefor examples.

The address block is set in all caps, 5.25pt Scala Sans on 7.5pt leading, with +140 tracking. The department or school/college is set in bold, and the address information is set in regular.

NOTE :Numerals need to be set in all caps to get regular-style numbers, rather than old style.

The examples on this page are shown actual size. The address block always aligns at the cap height of the SIU logomark. A five-line alignment ends at the baseline of the SIU portion of the logomark.

Clear space requirements for the address block apply.

Contact Printing and Duplicating at 453-2268 for additional information on obtaining address blocks.