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School/College identifiers

Official School/College Signatures

SIU COLA identifier
  • Stationery
  • Stand-alone print/digital
SIU MCMA identifier

Southern Illinois University aligns to the cap height and the official college name aligns to the baseline of the SIU logomark.

SIU ISAT identifier

Double - line school identifier example

Recommended Line Breaks for School/College Names


The name of a major school or college within Southern Illinois University may be added to the logo as a unit identifier. In all cases, use the full, correct name of the unit.

The official school/college signatures, which include SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY spelled out above the name of the school/college, can be used anywhere. The variant without SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY can only be used internally.

The unit name should be set in all caps Scala Sans with +100 tracking.

Any unit desiring a unit signature should request that one be created by visiting the University Communications website and completing the required form.

See Standard Letterhead: School/College for an example of stationery.


SIU Identifiers are available to the University community. Complete the SIU Identifiers Request Form and obtain the proper approval signatures from the college Dean/Unit Director. Submit this form in its entirety to University Communications Creative Services, 1220 Douglas Drive, Mail Code 6819. This request for an SIUC identifier constitutes a binding agreement whereby the original files shall not be altered in any way including, but not limited to: distorting the shape, changing the color, fonts or font arrangement.